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I need to charge my phone to pay for game server hosting
What is the procedure followed


SMS Payment is accepted only if the message (SMS) is sent from Romania.

If you have loans to pay for hosting or other services when calling card must be recharged. Each mobile operator has his way of loading a rechargeable phone card.

You can not use recharge card unless you have a prepaid card (the card with the phone number) on which to load.

A recharge code can be used only once. Regardless of how you choose to recharge, recharged amount will be added to the existing loan amount.

See our article How to use recharge codes to load a prepaid card
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SMS Payment recharge card hosting
What do you do for a host game?
Hosting ! How it works?

At you have:
Hosting without contract, without penalty, without stress postal mail (no need to wait on mailman to your home), full automation, everything is electronic on site and on your email. provide hosting services (hosting domains and hosting game servers) without signing a contract, regardless of payment method.
Correspondence is only electronically by e-mail, no need to wait days until the mailman comes.
No additional fee, you can see the final price

Activation is immediate (automatic), after payment confirmation by the SMS or by CARD payment and you will receive email with your activation
- How to order host, how do pay
- Order and payment by SMS (tutorial for the hosting new - in pictures)
- Order and payment by CARD (tutorial for the hosting new - in pictures)
- Order and payment by Bank Wire (tutorial for hosting again - in pictures)

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hosting, Great Britain
Best Site Good Work
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hosting, England
I would like to order a hosting games in currency CS1.6
Changing who does

This is not a problem, bank through which payment is made, you will exchange your money in lei (Romania).
Payment by credit card can be made for all HostGame.Ro web hosting services and / or servers games, Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) Counter-Strike Source (CSS) CS Global Offensive (CS GO), Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2), GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP), Moha, Minecraft, etc..

Before placing order and payment, you must ensure that you have the card activated for online payment. To enable this feature, you must contact the issuing bank.
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Postat de: Layla
Payment by credit card, New York
If I am in Poland can pay by SMS


Not only in Romania can pay by SMS

You can pay by credit card
Data postarii: 12 iunie 2013
Postat de: zyehifhr
pay by SMS, Poland
Am I paid by card but did not get web server.


If check on the website in order management you will see that it is in progress.

Your order is in attention of antifraud department. This may take up to a maximum of 3 days.
Data postarii: 11 iunie 2013
Postat de: Victoria
paid by card, Paris

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