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I need to charge up my phone
If you want to charge your phone card to pay via SMS Hosting at read our tutorial on this site.
Payment by SMS goes only from Romania
How to use recharge codes to load a prepaid card
Data postarii: 11 iunie 2013
Postat de: Avery
pay SMS hosting, New York
Am un host server la si mi-a furat unul serverul vreau sa mi-l dati inapoi.

Pentru recuperarea hostului cititi:
Recuperare hosting. Revanzare, furt date acces cPanel, GameCP, web host, host game
Data postarii: 10 iunie 2013
Postat de: Eugen
a furat unul serverul, Braila
Hello I paid by card and payment has not been confirmed. Why?

All payments the card and the SMS are checked. there is a special service against fraud. If your payment is suspect it may take 3 days of payment confirmation.

At, everything is automatically at card payment or by SMS. Services are acitivate only after confirmation of payment.

For details read
Data postarii: 03 iunie 2013
Postat de: Benjamin
paid by card , Paris
nu pot intra pe server ajung pe alt server am host la voi la


Verifica ultimul plugin pus. Acesta te redirecteaza catre alt server. Daca ai sursa la plugin verifica sursa scoate redirectarea si complileaza pluginul, daca nu inlocuieste-l cu altul.
Data postarii: 03 iunie 2013
Postat de: Brianna
redirectare server, Buzau
recomand sunteti de treaba
Data postarii: 03 iunie 2013
Postat de: Hailey
hosting, bicaz
server hosting can pay by card?


Payment by credit card can be made for all HostGame.Ro web hosting services and / or servers games, Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) Counter-Strike Source (CSS) CS Global Offensive (CS GO), Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2), GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer (SA-MP), Moha, Minecraft, etc..
Data postarii: 03 iunie 2013
Postat de: Carter
hosting, New York

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