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I do not know what I do to extend the host game

The extension service will be recommended that you read the terms and conditions under which provide services to its users.
You can not order HostGame.Ro services if you are not logged on the website.
Step 1: site after we logged in, go to the "My Account" in "Manage Services", "Manage" and click on the "Pay".
Note: If you've previously given another command to extend the host that was not completed (paid) will be instintati that there is another command (eg # 54) by pressing the order ID that we can complete your order or cancel.
Data postarii: 11 iulie 2013
Postat de: Eli
Extend hosting host game , New York
sall am host server la voi si sunt plecat nu pot plati prelungire host cat timp se pastreaza hostul

Depinde de solicitarile existente. Daupa suspendare pentru neplata hsotul se pastreaza intre 1-7 zile.
Luati legatura cu noi pentru a pastra hostul. Serviciul este gratuit.
Data postarii: 11 iulie 2013
Postat de: Jessica
pastrare hsot suspendat, Barbosi
I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Bucuresti and want to make my server kf

That can be done at provide hosting services (hosting domains and hosting game servers) without signing a contract, regardless of payment method.
Correspondence is only electronically by e-mail, no need to wait days until the mailman comes.
No additional fee, you can see the final price

Activation is immediate (automatic), after payment confirmation by the SMS or by CARD payment and you will receive email with your activation
Data postarii: 11 iulie 2013
Postat de: Katelyn
want to make my server kf, Dublin cei mai tari tot inainte bravo
Data postarii: 11 iulie 2013
Postat de: Olivia
hosting, Oradea
Am gresit parola de mai multe ori la conectare gameCP nu mai pot accesa linkul ce fac?

Ati fost banat.
Verificati acum ce IP aveti pe net aici:
si faceti un tichet aici pentru debanare:
Data postarii: 11 iulie 2013
Postat de: Trinity
conectare gameCP , Bistrita
cum maresc numarul de sloturi la server?

R ofera posibilitatea de a marii sau micsora numarul de sloturi a serverului hostat, fara ca hostul sa fie modificat (exceptand numarul de sloturi).
Cititi tutorialul:Cum maresc sau micsorez numarul de sloturi de la host server
Data postarii: 11 iulie 2013
Postat de: Kayla
cum maresc numarul de sloturi la server?, Sibiu

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